Brooker Boats and Trailers

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At Spencer Gulf Marine you’ll find Vic Brereton, he really knows aluminium boats and galvanised trailers. He can set you up with the best boat, motor and trailer package for your budget and your needs. Brooker boats are better built for years of fun on the water with your family and mates at a fair dinkum affordable price.

Brooker boats started more than 45 years ago when Norm Brooker saw a market for a new design of Aluminium boat. His small general engineering business quickly grew building and assembling many thousands of boats and trailers in NSW ,Queensland, Victoria and WA. Norman’s philosophy was to build strong, high quality and affordable boats for Australia. To this day the industry recognises Brooker boats superior fully welded construction right through to their finish.

Norm Brooker

Norm Brooker

Many Australians know the name Brooker having grown up with tinnies like the CT 10 and CT12 or the very popular V14. They can recall Ken Warby breaking the world water speed record in a boat that was carried on a Brooker trailer. People bought Brooker tinnies and trailers then because they knew that the boats and trailers would last. This has not changed and people still recognise the better build qualities, long life, performance and value for money of Brooker boats and trailers.

Brooker hull designs are highly respected, being the template for many of our competitors over the years and winning accolades from boat racing champions. Brooker doesn’t dabble in fibreglass or poly boats, but sticks to what it knows best. Whilst our competitors rush out tweaks as new designs every year or two we stick to what works in hull design. Our boats are not only importantly stable at rest but achieve their planing speeds quickly and efficiently due to our tried and true designs. What this means for you is that Brooker makes for affordable boating by allowing the use of smaller motors for comparable performance.

Our trailer designs are mirrored in our boat design philosophy being sturdy, robust and practical to give our customers many years of hassle free motoring to your favourite boating spots. Look around any boat park and you will see Brooker trailers both old and new under boats from tinnies and ribs to large fibreglass off-shore fishing boats.

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